In 2006, we both moved to the same neighborhood around the same time, on the outskirts of our hometown, and started going to the same schools. We were a couple of years apart, but our paths flirted with each other for many years until we ultimately met and began dating in the summer of 2012.

Our logical sides will tell you that we don't believe in love at first sight, but our romantic side will tell you that we felt an immediate and inexplicable pull the first time we saw each other. Perhaps the universe brought us together, perhaps it was just coincidence, but we've been hopelessly, wildly in love ever since.

Two total romantics in love.

About Us

1. Game of Thrones 
2. cheese boards
3. Animals
4. Great films, give us all the recs!
5. vintage shit
6. Tv shows- NEW GIRL
That 70's show, Parks and Rec, , the office and HIMYM are some of our favorites! 

Things we love

There are many reasons why we enjoy being intimate wedding and elopement photographers. One of the biggest, is that we are total romantics and we love love.

The human experience includes many good moments, bad moments, and the in between. One of the amazing things about being intimate wedding and elopement photographers, is that we're able to witness more than our fair share of magical moments.

We often feel like we're gaming the system by getting to be a part of so many happy moments, but it's humbling to know that we are able to help capture people's most important memories.

Why we do what we do.

When we're not hanging out with our amazing couples, you can likely find us snuggling together watching a movie, sitting together in deep discussions about the intricacies of the universe, or kicking back with our family, laughing and joking together late into the night. 

Who we are.

let's get lost